Pimples After Shaving

Many men suffer from the problem of rashes and shaving pimples. For some of them it is an occasion to grow a beard and not to shave at all. There are not so many causes of shaving pimples: wrong choice shaving cosmetics or tools or aftershave. Sometimes such pimples can be caused by using dirty instruments or shaving without having washed hands.

Pimples After Shaving

Women also have the same problem with red pimples, but in other body zones. Women’s skin is more sensitive and can greatly suffer from shaving.

There are no universal tips about how to get rid of shaving pimples. The treatment is strictly individual. In any case, before treating pimples after shaving, their cause must be found. In such case the treatment will be much more efficient and expedient.

How to Not Get Pimples After Shaving

Many men are very familiar with irritation and red pimples after shaving. Only some “lucky” ones do not experience such problems. For the rest of the men this question is a bane. According to statistics, most often men shave less because of the red pimples and irritation.

There are several causes of small pimples after shaving for men:

  • The wrong choice of shaving foam or gel. It would seem that shaving product cannot affect shaving. This is not quite true. Each shaving product contains certain mitigating particles which can cause allergic reactions and pimples. It is important to choose exactly the “right” foam or gel that is suitable for specific skin type. Some dermatologists strongly recommend not buying expensive foam and using “old-fashioned” soap and shaving brushes. The likelihood of allergy in this situation is greatly reduced. If for some reason soap is not suitable – for example, if your skin is very sensitive and soap dries it too much – you should just experiment until you find the product that is perfect for you.
  • Shaving tool. There is a lasting dispute about what is better: a razor or an electric shaver. In this case everything is strictly individual and there is no universal solution. It happens that at first a shaver causes irritation and after a while skin gets used to it. However, sometimes quite an opposite situation happens. Here is also trial and error approach is needed. Some men combine both tools. Keep in mind that electric shavers are different, both in design and producers. The choice is strictly individual.
  • Aftershave. Here the situation is the same as with shaving products. Aftershaves may cause allergies or not. There is a wide range of them: from tonics and creams – to ointments and sprays. Cologne usage is not recommended, as fragrance components included in it are very toxic and harmful to skin.
  • Dirty hands. It is logical that before shaving people need to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. This will prevent the open pores after shaving from ingress of dirt.
  • Dirty tool. In any case do not use the razor that was lying on the floor or, in fact, belongs to another person. The same applies to electric shavers. The minimum “sanitary” purity must be kept.

How to Get Rid of Shaving Pimples

Some tips how to treat small red pimples are rather trivial. Some kinds of treatment may even seem ridiculous. But if they are observed, you can very quickly get rid of pimples on chin and neck. These tips include washing your hands and moisturizing your skin before shaving. You can use a special tonic or cream for moisturizing; if pimples appeared, – smear them with special ointment. Such ointment can be purchased at any pharmacy. As an alternative you can use aloe vera juice after shaving. It is believed to be the most effective folk remedy in such cases.

Shaving Legs and Bikini Area for Women: Pimples Treatment

No one would argue that bikini area is the most sensitive and delicate skin area for every girl or woman. Care of this area requires a special approach and attention. As a rule, women resort to shaving bikini area instead of depilation to reduce the level of pain. However, it has some unpleasant consequences, such as irritation and small pimples after shaving (especially for women with sensitive skin).

Pimples after shaving legs

Why do red pimples appear in intimate zones after shaving? Everything is very simple and logical. The procedure of shaving is an inevitable damage of skin (not to mention what stress undergo the most sensitive areas of skin). How is skin being injured? It happens as during depilation (shaving) the upper protective layer of skin is removed, thus skin becomes unprotected and susceptible to external stimuli. Such process is exacerbated by the fact that sores and cuts can be caused. When such areas of skin are affected by external stimuli (infections), it provokes pimples appearing. Such pimples in intimate places bring a lot of discomfort and pain.

Not to stop the removal of unwanted hair from the area of pubis completely (depilation is still useful), you should follow some tips that can significantly reduce the risk of pimples after shaving appearance. There are a few simple secrets how to shave bikini area and legs properly to avoid the appearance of pimples:

  • First of all you need to pay attention to the razor itself. In no case it should be cheap or of poor quality. The best thing is to use only male razors (since female ones are rather beautiful than of high quality).
  • Then, the skin is very delicate in bikini area. Rough one-use razors cannot be used there. It is better to have a separate good razor exclusively for shaving intimate zones and not to use the same one for all body parts.
  • Thirdly, experts recommend using a shaving gel or foam for the process to be easy. It will greatly reduce the risk of new pimples (especially if they have already occured on the skin).
  • To avoid such unpleasant problems as ingrown hairs it is better to shave in the direction of their growth (this rule is especially useful for women with sensitive skin).
  • The fifth rule sounds a bit strange, but it is important. The key to success of a good depilation without injury is a comfortable pose.
  • Next, if you stretch the skin a bit during shaving, it will reduce your chance to hurt it.
  • Seventhly, in any case just shaven skin cannot be washed with a loofah, neither with any scrubs or peelings. Shaven skin should be soothed and moisturized with cream (baby cream can be used).

If the irritation occurs, you can use the tips that will help to quickly get rid of red pimples in the intimate zone.

  • Damaged places (with pimples) can be treated with special medications that include cortisone. Such products have the bactericidal effect.
  • You can try to prepare homemade lotion to remove redness and/or irritation after shaving. This lotion is composed of powdered aspirin (up to four pills) and glycerol.
  • Another well-proven cream (ointment) to treat pimples consists of calendula and aloe. Remedies with such a composition remove inflammation and promote rapid healing of wounds and pimples.
  • You can try to smooth pimples with alcohol solution, but it must be done very carefully. Such a solution would protect the wounds and cuts from infections and infestations.
  • It is possible to use chamomile compressions against pimples in intimate zones. This aid is hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory as well.
  • Do not shave the skin if it is already covered by a rash or pimples, because you can harm it even more.

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