Cheek Acne and Pimples

Age is not a major reason for the acne appearance. There are not only youth but adult acne on cheeks. Human body is a complex system: one function disorder can cause some systems disorders simultaneously. Thus, a body dysfunction may lead to unpleasant consequences, such as cheek acne. You cannot find out what causes acne on cheeks without an accurate diagnosis. That is why it is essential to consult a specialist if you have a painful pimple on cheek that does not disappear within a week.

Cheek Acne and Pimples

Cheek Acne Causes

  • Oily skin. Despite the fact that oily skin is less prone to appearance of the early wrinkles, it has a clear disadvantage – a tendency to clog the pores. The sebaceous glands actively produce much sebum and it causes pores enlargement. It leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust in the skin tissue. The hair bulb inflames and it causes the appearance of pimples on cheeks.
  • Problems with lungs can cause cheek pimples. Acne on the left cheek informs about problems of the left lung, and acne on the right cheek displays the diseases of the right lung.
  • Intestinal tract problems. Disorders of the body purification function (problems with defecation, indigestion, dysbacteriosis) are one of cheek acne causes.
  • Hormonal failure. The skin on cheeks is more delicate, thus, the risk of inflammation in this area is rather high.
  • Malnutrition. Addiction to sweets (especially on empty stomach), coffee (especially with cigarettes), chips, crackers, bread rolls and junk food snacks can cause metabolism disorders and lead to pimples on cheek.
  • Wrong facial care. Regular use of the large amount of cosmetics clogs pores. Poor-quality cosmetics may cause allergies and acne on cheek as well. In addition, frequent washing and ignoring the basic rules of facial care are the causes of acne too.
  • Medication usage. If you are on medication and you have pimples on cheek, it may indicate the body’s reaction to the action of the active substance of some medicine. The most common cause of pimples on cheeks is medication with antibiotics or hormones.
  • Allergies. Acne on cheek can be caused by the food you eat. To identify what product causes an allergic reaction you need to exclude some products from your nutrient budget alternately and observe the organism response.
  • Touching your face with dirty hands, for example, when sitting at your work desk. Pay attention to your habits and avoid touching your face with dirty hands, as it may lead to various serious consequences.

How to Get Rid of Acne on Your Cheeks?

It is better to remind the impatient people that there exist no miraculous ways of how to clear cheek acne. Such process requires patience and faithful implementation of all the rules of treatment. If you want to squeeze a red pimple on cheek, it is better not to do it. The skin on cheeks is very sensitive. In most cases, the damaged area heals slowly and you risk leaving an ugly scar. The consequences can be even worse, as while squeezing a big pimple on cheek you can get microbes into the wound. Thus, there are some ways how to get rid of acne on cheeks without damaging skin.

  • Iodine. It helps to avoid squeezing a deep pimple on cheek. If it is still a red pimple on cheek that hurts, dip a cotton swab into iodine and anoint the damaged spot. When the iodine is dry, you can disguise it with a foundation or powder. This kind of pimple on cheek treatment takes about a week but no sign of acne will be left after it. This method can be used by people without individual response to iodine.
  • Aloe leaves can be useful to remove pus from pimples. For this procedure you will need a bactericidal patch with small holes. Slit an aloe leaf, cut off a piece and apply to your pimple on cheek. Then apply a patch. Do such compress before going to bed for three days.
  • Steam bath is a useful daily procedure to remove cheek acne. Take a handful of such dried herbs as chamomile, beggars-ticks and nettle, pour a hot water over it and boil for five minutes. While the brew is hot, cover your head with a towel and bend over the container with the liquid. Steam bath lasts for ten minutes. As a result, pores are open and cleaned. Sebaceous plugs will appear on the top of the skin tissue. Remove them with a clean bandage, soaked in hydrogen peroxide. You should not squeeze the pimples.
  • If whiteheads appeared on cheeks, wipe the skin with a half of a fresh tomato. You can also make a mask of small tomato slices.

Don’t delay dealing with acne because it will spread all over the face. If you notice a pimple on cheek, you may use either home remedies or medicine. If you squeeze pimples, you risk leaving scars. If you already squeezed pimples, the best way of how to get rid of acne scars on cheeks is to use special medicine and ointments. But before using some lotions and ointments consult a dermatologist. However, it is better to prevent acne from appearing than to treating them. Thus, there are some ways how to prevent cheek acne:

  1. Establish a strict control over your nutrient budget. Limit yourself to smoked and salty delicacies, sweets and fatty food; stop drinking carbonated beverages. Replace this food with vegetable food and products that are rich in fiber. Drink plenty of clean water.
  2. Start the morning with fresh air and exercise.
  3. Don’t overdo taking medicine and vitamins. All in good measure.
  4. Take problems in your stride.
  5. Choose the cosmetic products that don’t provoke allergic reactions and avoid using the ones that irritate skin. Beauticians recommend using cosmetics made of natural raw materials. It is one of the best ways of how to prevent cheek acne.
  6. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  7. Try to wash your skin with a tar soap, but if your skin is rather dry, apply soap only to the pimples.

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