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If you came to our website, it probably means that you are a fan of healthy skin and you face some challenges in it. Our project is aimed to help you to learn more about the enemies you will have to fight - skin diseases and disorders. We will tell you in details about different issues of dermatology that most often bother people. You will find everything you want to know about your specific problem: its typical symptoms, causes, pictures of its manifestations, the most efficient methods of its treatment – both conventional and home remedies, and even advice on prevention of the occurrence or re-occurrence of such problem. Our portal provides you with everything you need to know to have clear and fair skin and to feel confident about it.

You will learn about various types of skin diseases, for example, pimples and acne, skin rashes, moles, warts and allergies. For your convenience you can find all of them, infectious and non-infectious, in the skin diseases list, sorted by categories. We will talk about the causes of each problem, debunk myths, caution you about possible consequences and tell how to cure these diseases.

The category of acne includes all the most popular skin problems: different kinds of pimples, or bumps: comedones called blackheads are whiteheads, blind, or close pimples, and boils, or furuncles. We will show you how they look like, so you will be able to define which case is yours, choose the appropriate treatment and discover the causes of such unpleasant and bothering phenomenon to eliminate it once and for all.

All kinds of acne most often are the result of overactivity of your sebaceous glands that leads to clogged pores and inflammation. But there can be other reasons, so you will have to pay attention to your life style. Among reasons can be hormonal and immune disorders, tight clothes or headgear, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong diet and many others.

You will discover the nature of various spots on skin: they can turn out to be allergic rashes (especially when they are accompanied by itching and other symptoms, such as swelling and redness), moles (mostly flesh-colored or of different shades of brown and pink), rashes that are symptoms of numerous diseases, or even freckles that are not a disease but can bother some people a lot.

In case of allergic rashes you will need to check your environment for any possible allergens – and we will help you with the hints about where to look for them, as sometimes you don’t even get an idea what can cause such a problem. It can be both something obvious, like new food, detergents, clothes or cosmetics, and something unexpected, like latex contraceptives, jewelry, or new kitchen utensils.

Moles come in many different forms - from a small brown spot to a vast protuberant skin-colored area. These growths are benign, butt a number of adverse conditions, such as ultraviolet radiation or permanent injury, can trigger the irreversible process of turning a harmless beauty spot into a hotbed of cancer. So we will tell you more about the cases when you should think about addressing a doctor to remove the mole for safety reasons.

Among the infectious skin issues very often are warts and herpes simplex. Warts are the result of infection with different types of human papillomavirus, and herpes simplex is caused by various types of herpes simplex virus. These pathogens usually penetrate the human body early in childhood and reside inside for the whole life. But as you see not all people fall ill. That is because most of the time the viruses are inactive and hiding in the organism, but when the immunity of a person fails or is lowered, the viruses activate.

Warts have various types: common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, genital warts, etc. All of them have their symptoms and most efficient methods of treatment, depending on type and place of their occurrence. For example, warts on face and warts of genitals require much more gentle treatment due to the sensitivity of those body areas, meanwhile plantar warts usually need more aggressive removing. There exists a wide range of conventional and non-conventional curing means, so be sure you will find the one suitable for your specific case.

As for herpes simplex, it also has many types, among which the most common is oral herpes. Oral herpes occurs on the lips, around them or in nostrils and extremely bothers you with its unpleasant appearance, severe itching and pain. We will tell you what to do in this case and how to avoid this problem in future.

Remember to be very cautious in treatment of any skin problems and to avoid damage to your skin, as it will leave you scars that are very uneasy to get rid of. Any treatment must not cause other issues, such as burns, or wounds, or scratches, or allergies. Make an allergy test before using any of the cures we offer you, especially if you know you’re generally allergic.

And, of course, pay attention to our recommendations regarding prevention of these or those skin problems and of avoiding their re-appearance. Your skin is the mirror of the state of your body, and if you suffer some skin diseases, you should probably check the healthiness of your lifestyle: your diet, your sleep regime, everything you wear, including jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, your environment, your emotional background and your overall health. Pay attention to your body – and it will function like clock-work. Stay healthy and beautiful, and we will support and help you in it!