Salicylic Acid for Warts

Most people find warts disgusting due to the fact that warts are associated with dirt, lack of cleanliness and poor maintaining of personal hygiene. Nevertheless, warts usually occur to people with weak immunity, excessive sweating of hands and soles or after stresses, vegetative neurosis and acrocyanosis.

Salicylic Acid for Warts

Warts are benign skin tumors of a viral etiology which appear in the form of papillae or nodules. Reason for warts is a variety of human papilloma viruses transmitted directly through contact or through infected objects which people use.

Warts are divided into flat warts, common, genital and senile warts. All of them except senile warts are provoked by various types of the same virus. The incubation period lasts from 2 to 5 months.

How to Get Rid of Warts

You should immediately consult a specialist if you have a wart and it began to bleed, changed its shape or size and became painful or causes severe discomfort. You also have to see a doctor when warts spread rapidly. Only a specialist can determine whether it is possible and necessary to remove warts. The choice of treatment depends on the type and location of the warts. Usually doctors prescribe salicylic acid for plantar warts, but it also is used for warts on any other part of human body, even for warts on face

There are many different ways of wart removal. They include surgical and medical intervention. You can also use laser and cryotherapy to remove warts. If we take into account that the virus can develop in conditions of immunodeficiency, the preventive health actions should be aimed at the recovery of the protective functions of your body.

Most anti-wards medicine contains salicylic acid in different forms. Salicylic acid and warts are often associated, because salicylic acid is quite safe and effective to use and can be applied at home. Therefore, we will focus on salicylic acid for wart removal.

Salicylic Acid for Warts

This method of salicylic acid treatment for warts is less painful than the others but the effect of application of salicylic acid on warts is average, though. The advantage is that you can easily get the needed remedies in every pharmacy without any prescription at affordable prices. The disadvantage of this method is a very long-term duration of wart treatment.

Salicylic acid for warts is used in a concentration of from 10% to 60%. You can also use salicylic plaster with concentration of 30%. Among remedies with salicylic acid you can find:

  • salicylic acid ointment for warts;
  • salicylic acid cream for warts;
  • plasters impregnated with this acid;
  • salicylic acid in solution or gel.

Any salicylic acid wart remover is applied only topically. It is interesting to know how salicylic acid works on warts. Salicylic acid inhibits the production of sebum and sweat and eliminates the inflammatory process; that is why medicines with salicylic acid are successfully used in dermatology. In the cosmetic practice wart removal with salicylic acid is also very popular.

The basic rules of how to use salicylic acid on warts depend on a type of remedy.

A salicylic acid solution:

  • Before applying such solution you have to steam in warm water your skin area where the ward is. The procedure softens the skin and the effect of application of the solution will be better;
  • Treatment of warts with this acid solution is carried out before going to bed: you must apply it directly to the affected areas; healthy skin should not be exposed to the drug. Then bandage the warts or cover the area with a plaster. In the morning wash the acid away. After a long-term treatment warts soften under the influence of the drug and can be removed with a pumice stone.

Salicylic ointment:

  • 60% salicylic ointment is also often used to remove warts. For a better effect clear the affected skin with warm water before applying the ointment. Wait until your skin dries out, and only then proceed to the application of ointment. Cover the affected skin with a thin layer of ointment;
  • The treated surface should be bandaged, which is why such procedures are usually conducted before going to bed. In the morning process the wart with a pumice stone. The course of treatment is strictly individual and must be continued until the complete warts disappearance.

Salicylic acid pads for warts:

  • This method of treatment is more comfortable compared to the previous ones. In almost any pharmacy you can buy special pads for warts removal. They contain sulfur and salicylic acid. Due to the keratolytic effect of salicylic acid the described pad softens, dissolves and rejects cornified stratum of your skin;
  • Before you stick salicylic acid pads for warts to the affected area, you need to steam it and make it dry. The plaster must stay on your skin for two days. Afterwards remove it and steam the warts in warm water. The softened layers of skin can be gently removed by using pumice;
  • Repeat the procedure several times if the warts do not disappear after the first try.

It should be noted that this plaster is not used to treat children because of the risk of general intoxication.

Pros and Cons of Treatment with Salicylic Acid

Doctors prescribe medications based on salicylic acid for warts removal among the first means of treatment. But you should know advantages and disadvantages of such medicine.

The benefits of removing warts with salicylic acid:

  • minimal pain during the application;
  • affordable price;
  • availability at any pharmacy without a prescription.

The disadvantages of treating warts with salicylic acid:

  • prolonged and regular usage;
  • you cannot use plaster to treat children;
  • preliminary procedures before using salicylic acid for warts.

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