Laser Mole Removal

Everyone wants to have a healthy and radiant skin, because it helps to create a beautiful image of yours. Therefore it is not surprising that the emergence of surface formations of different severity such as moles, warts or papilloma can disrupt the harmony of your image and bring you a feeling of discomfort and insecurity. Nowadays it has become possible to carry out laser removal of skin new growths such as warts, moles (nevi) and papilloma quickly and effectively. But is laser mole removal safe? For the removal procedure many modern clinics use the most reliable and modern equipment, which allows to apply a safe method of evaporation of tumors with CO2 laser.

Laser Mole Removal

Each case requires a special approach to the problem that is why you should consult a specialist before laser treatment for moles. In some cases the doctor may advise to combine mole removal by laser with taking antiviral drugs and remedies that increase the overall immunity of your body in order to prevent re-occurrence of undesirable defects. Using laser for mole removal is one of the safest ways to get rid of the problem.

Features of the Laser Birthmark Removal Procedure

Each problem is unique and requires an individual approach. The type, location and size of your mole determine the parameters of laser exposure. The laser provides a layer by layer evaporation of the affected tissue, without disturbing the inner healthy layers and adjacent areas of healthy skin. Bleeding is completely absent, as well as any other painful feelings. However, if you have low threshold of sensitivity you can ask for local anesthesia of the treated area with intradermal injections of anesthetic drugs.

The wound surface resulting after the procedure is treated with alcohol free antiseptic compositions, and aseptic regenerating bandage is applied to it. Taking into account the sterilizing properties of the laser, such measures can fully prevent infection of the wound area, development of inflammation and rough scarring after the laser treatment for birthmarks. During the healing period you will notice only minor swelling and redness of the treated skin areas. After removing the bandage on the spot of laser birthmark removal you will see only a thin crust, which disappears on its own after 1-2 weeks, revealing a clean, smooth skin without any visible signs of a scar. Over the next month your skin in this area fully restores, and you can enjoy your renewed smooth and healthy skin.

The advantages of laser removal of moles are:

  • the treated area is automatically sterilized by laser;
  • the procedure is bloodless;
  • healthy tissues get minimum injury;
  • rapid rehabilitation;
  • low probability of scarring;
  • high aesthetic effect.

Thus, the laser removal of moles, warts and nevi is currently the most effective way to solve these dermatological problems. Besides, this procedure does not require special laser mole removal aftercare.

Laser Birthmark Removal

Laser Treatment for Moles

In the present days you have a chance to easily undergo high-quality laser mole removal due to the large number of clinics that offer such medical services. Now you can say goodbye to worrying or not aesthetically pleasant birthmarks. Laser removal of moles is recognized by experts as the most effective, painless, and safe procedure that is minimally invasive. Even if you need to get rid of the moles on your face you have no reasons to worry – such moles can be removed by laser. You image will only improve after the procedure. Many people who have already tried mole laser removal are happy with the results.

A lot of people wonder how much the laser surgery for birthmarks costs. Prices are influenced by several individual factors and may include costs of tests such as dermoscopy or histological examination. If you are interested in more information about the procedure, for example, how much is laser removal of moles on face, you usually can have the on-line or phone consultation in the chosen clinic.

Laser mole removal cost may differ depending on their size, location and quantity. The exact price you can find out directly in the clinic you turn to. The specialist who you will consult with will determine the total costs after the inspection of your moles. The range of prices varies but usually mole laser removal costs from 200$ to 600$ depending on the location of the clinic, laser equipment it uses and the peculiarities of your moles.

If you are unsure which clinic to choose you can look for the reviews on the internet and find out which medical institutions in your area offer laser mole removal and the average price of the procedure.

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