Neck Acne and Pimples

Acne on neck appears not more often than on other parts of body. Pimples on neck usually look like many small surface rash, single pimples and redness. Hard pimples on neck are possible too, when abscess occurs in the sebaceous canal that is clogged with sebum. This defect has many negative consequences: from pain to severe festering with fever and subsequent complications, and even the necessity of surgery.

Neck Acne and Pimples

Causes of Acne on Neck

Neck acne causes are mostly associated with internal organs diseases. The second reason for such problem appearance may be perfumes and creams abuse, as well as prolonged wearing of a neckband. Another factor may be excessive nutrition and improper diet. Also hormonal disorder may be the cause of acne on neck. Let’s learn more about all of these options:

  1. Thyroid disorder, diabetes, high estrogen level, gastrointestinal diseases. Pimples caused by these diseases are mostly subcutaneous. The head of the pimple pin can’t get out through the layer of sebum which causes strong inflammation, and then purulent masses increase. Because of the clogged canal the process extends subcutaneously. That’s why pimple on neck may look like a huge swollen vein, with the only difference in color.
  2. Overuse of cream or perfume also can cause red painful acne on neck. This process is typical for allergic reactions, or pores clogging with external agents. The nature of allergy is clear, to eliminate the effect of the allergen you need to stop using the cosmetics or the perfume that caused it. Creams, because of their structure, cover the skin and block pores. Since cosmetic creams are less dense than sebum and can be easily removed, subcutaneous formation of acne is rare, and more often rash appears, similar to adult acne on neck. This is especially true for women overusing foundation or makeup.
  3. The most widespread but little-known cause of pimples on back of neck appearance is prolonged contact with the neckband. Even the most delicate tissue causes friction and as a result injures the skin. This is a way for bacteria to reach the skin and cause the inflammation. Sometimes even a tight-fitting turtleneck can cause this problem by blocking the access of air to the skin.
  4. It should be noted that the appearance of cystic pimples, especially in the neck area, is often caused by your diet. Heavy, starchy, spicy or oversalted, and smoked food is among the first neck acne causes. Such a diet provokes sweating and formation of sebum, which is the cause for acne.
  5. Hormonal disorder. Almost no teenager can avoid hormonal acne. At this period you need to adjust your diet, watch the state of your face skin and consult a dermatologist. But the causes of adult hormonal acne will need to be found. When it comes to the premenstrual period, pimples will go away right after the first day of menstruation. You just have to care for your skin for a few days, as it will be recovering after the rash.

Baby Acne Causes

The causes of baby acne on neck may be different. If acne is located mainly in the groin, neck, chin or head of an infant and has a translucent color with yellow tinge, the most likely cause is mother’s hormones, and this type of baby acne on neck is hormonal. If the rash on an infant looks like small pearls and appears primarily on cheeks, forehead, nose, under the eyes or on the body, the reason for such acne is baby’s sebaceous glands immaturity. This phenomenon is called milium and disappears as a baby grows older. So you shouldn’t concern about acne on infants as in both cases after some time it will disappear without any further consequences.

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Neck

The first step to get rid of pimples on neck is to make the full examination of your body to identify the causes. Further procedures are aimed to remove the pus and restore normal skin condition. To guarantee the best result of the treating you should not pop a pimple, no matter if it is a big pimple or subcutaneous acne. In the case of small surface rash only soft treatment is required.
The first step should be elimination of the factors causing acne formation. Do not wear tight-fitting or hard collar clothes. If this is not possible, use undercollars. It is hygienic and it will help to avoid excessive friction. Undercollars should be changed daily.
Dermatologist will prescribe the neck acne treatment, usually based on salicylic acid spirit, laevomycetin and boric acid. The treatment should be made under medical supervision including analysis and tests.

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Neck

Folk Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples on Neck

Here are a few methods of how to treat neck acne with folk remedies:

  • Use tar soap for washing.
  • Make a honey mask: mix one tablespoon of calendula tincture with a tablespoon of honey and cover with a small amount of warm boiled water. Soak a cotton pad in this mixture and apply it to the inflamed area on your neck. After finishing the procedure wash off the mask with warm water.
  • Make a cucumber mask. It is quite easy – just grate a cucumber. Apply the resulting mass to your skin for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse the mask with warm water.

Acne on Neck Prevention

Instead of wondering how to get rid of acne on neck, it is better to prevent its occurrence. The neck is quite a delicate part of body, and therefore requires a comprehensive care. Daily hygiene, following a diet and early treatment of chronic diseases – these are the key ways to prevent the neck acne appearance.


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