How to Get Rid of Warts Fast

Wart is quite an interesting formation. The development of this disease can not be controlled: it can suddenly disappear or not respond to the most effective methods of treatment. Thus, it is necessary to talk about the best way how to get rid of a wart.

How to Get Rid of Warts Fast

Warts are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), therefore they are contagious. There are many varieties of hpv warts. It is necessary to identify and remove them quickly because HPV virus can cause various health problems. It integrates into cells and changes human DNA. Such process increases cells division and makes them proliferate rapidly.

This virus can be transmitted through shaking hands, touching, sexual contacts, kissing, from mother to unborn child, as well as through skin lesions. You can get infected at bath houses or pools. An excessive dryness or moisture of the skin and lack of capillary blood supply favour the virus penetration. The appearance of warts on hands can also be caused by nail biting. The infection can easily penetrate into the damaged skin layer. Skin lesions made while shaving, epilation, peeling can also turn into warts. If body defenses are weakened and the measures to strengthen the immune system are not taken in time, the chance of wart occurrence increases. Having penetrated into the body, the virus can cause warts on the spot, however it not always happens. Sometimes the process of warts appearance can take from one to several months. Sometimes a virus carrier may even have no visible symptoms.

Although these skin formations are benign, in neglected cases, DNA of the cells modified by papilloma virus may cause cancer. Virus gene is often found in neoplastic cells. Diagnosis can help to find the solution of how to get rid of warts as fast and effective as possible.

The mechanisms of the virus transmission are not well studied, but it is known that females are more prone to this disease than males. Women have higher chances to get it while taking birth control pills that reduce immunity or during pregnancy, when the immune system is also reduced. Also, females can catch this disease if there are disorders of body hormonal levels. In most cases, such skin formations are not painful. Thus, people do not hurry to remove this cosmetic defect.

Kinds of Warts Caused by Papilloma Virus

  1. Common warts are tight rounded papules with rough surface. They are painless and may appear on fingers and face, rarely on scalp. Their treatment necessity is caused by elimination of the appearance defect resulting in stress;
  2. Plantar warts appear in the places where your foot is in close contact with the shoe. They are similar to corns and hurt while walking. This kind of warts requires a long-term treatment;
  3. Flat warts are painless papules up to a centimeter in size. Usually their colour is not different from the skin layer, but some can occur of bluish and yellow-brownish tint. As a rule, they slightly extrude above skin level. Flat warts may spontaneously disappear, but sometimes they remain for the whole life, especially if you do not try to remove them;
  4. Pointed or venereal warts appear in the mouth, on the intimate places, around the anus. They are externally similar to the cockscomb. Unavoidable contacts with these skin formations cause pain. In case of infection penetration the warts inflame and increase in size. The most widespread way to get the infection of pointed warts on genitals is transmission from a sexual partner. The decision on how to get rid of these skin formations should be made by a specialist – gynecologist, venereologist, or urologist.

How to Get Rid of a Wart Fast?

You can use medication therapy. Warts can be treated with cauterization using special medical preparations on prescription. Cosmetic procedures are another way of getting rid of warts quickly. Such treatment is effective, as it has a damaging effect on warts. There are different types of this curing method.

Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy

To remove a skin formation, it is being frozen with cryogenic nitrogen. The temperature of the material used is -196°C. The specialist applies a wooden stick with a cotton swab in the end to the wart for 10-30 seconds. As a result, the epithelial cells of the wart are destroyed, skin inflames and the local immune system activates.

Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy

Wart removal with cryogenic nitrogen can be both soft and aggressive. The soft variant leads to redness of the defect and activation of local immunity. The aggressive one causes the formation of subdermal blister. A few minutes after the completion of the process, the skin near the defected zone becomes pale and tight. A water blister is formed around the papilloma. It can be cut away together with a wart, or few days later the blister bursts by itself, and the skin restores. The method does not cause severe pain, especially if the wart is small. If more skin than the size of formation is freezed, there can remain a scar.

This kind of wart removal implies several procedures (from one to five). The interval between them is from one to two weeks. Cryotherapy usually does not leave scars. Thus, it can be used to remove facial warts, genital warts, plantar warts and warts on hands.


Electrocoagulation is the way of warts removal with high frequency current. This method is rather painful, thus it is conducted under local anesthesia. The piece of cut skin is transferred for histological examination. The scab formed after the procedure disappears in about a week.

There is a high probability of scars, that is why electrocoagulation is not used to remove plantar warts or warts on face.


Laser Therapy

Getting rid of papilloma with laser therapy also requires local anesthesia. After such kind of procedure a small depression of tissue is formed. It smoothes in a couple of weeks.

Laser Therapy

To remove the skin defect several types of lasers are used:

  • CO2 (carbon-dioxide) laser is used to treat periungual or subungual warts that are resistant to other methods. Can cause pain, prolonged healing and scarring;
  • YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet laser). It has a smaller zone of thermal lesion and lower scarring probability. This type of laser is not used to get rid of flat warts on face;
  • PDL (pulsed dye laser) makes the procedure painless and rarely leaves scars. It is effective only for flat facial warts removal.

Other Ways

  • One more solution implies radiofrequency usage. The method is rather effective but there is a high likelihood of scarring. Therefore, its usage is limited.
  • Typically, surgical removal is applied to get rid of pointed or venereal warts.

Doctors appoint a specific method individually. Effectiveness of these medical procedures rates from 50% to 95%. It depends on the state of the patient’s immunity and the treatment solution chosen by the specialist.

Home Remedies for Warts Removal

Home remedies can also prove effective in papilloma removal. As getting rid of warts at home is an easier practice than doing it in hospital, many people prefer to use home remedies. Despite the fact that these methods often provide a positive result, you must be careful to use them, because they may help one patient and harm the other. Especially be careful with aggressive methods – for example, acetic acid often causes burn and leaves scars. Not all kinds of warts should be treated at home. You should use home remedies to get rid of common and flat warts only.

  • One of the most effective ways to remove warts at home is to use aggressive substances. The simplest means are the most helpful. For example, in case of small formations you can remove them daily anointing dandelion or sour apple juice.
  • Acetic acid is another solution of how to deal with warts. Acid irritates the affected zone of skin and provokes activation of the local immunity. If there is a strong irritant effect, limit the usage. With acetic acid you can treat warts on feet, on hands and body but not on your face.
    Acid can be used in pure form, however it may be included into recipes. To use it in its pure form, anoint the wart with the acid. Be careful to avoid burning healthy tissue.
    The damaged skin around should be anointed with petrolate. After a few procedures the wart tissue starts to blacken and necrotize. It should be regularly cut away with nail scissors. After completion of the treatment, you need to hold the scissors over the fire for a while to sterilize them.
  • Celandine juice is widely used to deal with various skin diseases. Celandine has antibacterial, antifungal and irritating actions. The plant is poisonous, be careful to use it. If you have a possibility, use the fresh juice of this pant. If not, you can make a tincture for the future usage. Wash and grind the leaves, stems and roots and filter the juice with cheesecloth. Keep it sealed in dark bottles and release gas periodically. In a week the juice will ferment and will be available for use. Usually tinctures are prepared when the plant has seeds.
    Celandine juice is a good treatment for warts on hands. Apply it three times a day, anointing the surrounding healthy skin with cream.
  • Garlic is one more effective method, but not a very fast one. It is a popular antibiotic of a wide spectrum of action. Irritating and bactericidal effect of garlic help to treat warts on feet. As a rule, garlic is used in pure form.
    After applying the garlic juice you need to wait until it is completely absorbed. You can make a compress of a thin plate of fresh garlic for a night. Do not let garlic touch the healthy skin.
  • Warts can be treated with sodium chloride. Remove the middle of a large onion and fill it with salt. After some time, juice exudes. Anoint the affected area with this juice once a day.
  • Calendula flower can help to get rid of warts too. Apply it to the defect for a night. The procedure is repeated until the full disappearance of the papilloma.
  • Essential oils are also helpful. Wart treatment with essential oils is one of the most benign. In most cases people use tea tree, orange, bergamot, arborvitae oils. Anoint the wart with the oil you chose several times a day. The wart will come out with the root itself.
  1. I’ve had common warts for over 7 years. Tried every remedy, freezing them off, cutting them off, etc. Doctors kept trying same old methods with no change. One wart was so bad on a tip of one of my fingers, docs said I will probably end up losing a nail possibly the tip of the finger as well.

    Guess what, incidentally I started taking pure ginger powder as a supplement (500mg in the morning, 500mg at night) and voila 30 days later every single wart is gone. Thanks for nothing docs!!!

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