How to Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin

The cause of under skin pimples appearance can be a common cold. And such pimples, despite their apparent harmlessness, are one of the most unpleasant kinds of acne. They form as follows: sebaceous plugs block sebaceous glands ducts that leads to inflammation and accumulation of pus under the skin. This pus accumulates and causes under the skin pimples. When pressing or even touching to those buds, you will feel unpleasant pain.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin

Pimples under the skin can be caused not only by cold, but also by not following the rules of personal hygiene, bad nutrition, or skin damage. The latter include hypothermia, overheating or allergies to certain synthetic fabrics. In addition, under skin acne can be caused by bad heredity, hormonal system disfunctions, gastrointestinal disfunctions, and stresses. You are also at risk if your work is related to harmful substances that pollute your skin, or if you take medicines affecting your hormonal and immune systems, such as antibiotics, steroids, or oral contraceptives.

It is impossible to predict the place where a pimple under skin will appear. It may occur both on the face and on the leg. Even intimate parts of our body can suffer from a painful pimple under skin. An unpleasant distinctive feature of such acne is that the pointing process takes quite a long time (up to several weeks) and it can be very painful. The latter is particularly inconvenient in situations where a big pimple under skin appears on the uncomfortable place.

If you are the victim of such acne, then you should look for the cause of its occurrence, as well as solutions to stop pimples together with your doctor. You should prepare for the fact that under skin pimples do not disappear by magic, and their treatment may take several weeks, or even a month.

Treatment of Acne Under Skin

The worse in under the skin pimples is the fact that they can cover all your face. Not only that, they are also quite painful, so they are able to spoil even the most beautiful woman’s face. Facial under skin pimples may appear frequently and in large quantities. If that happens, then you must go directly to the dermatologist that will examine you and prescribe a course of treatment.

Treatment of Acne Under Skin

Many people when seeing such a huge pimple under skin on their face immediately begin to pop it, in the hope that it will just disappear. The pimple disappears, but leaves in its place no less hideous scar that can be eliminated only by means of laser resurfacing costing considerable money.

To avoid this, it is necessary to resort only to the proven, reliable ways to get rid of under skin acne.

The most important – be careful. Once you find a pimple on your face, immediately proceed to eliminate it with iodine. Several times a day cauterize the hard pimple under skin with a cotton bud soaked with iodine, but be careful not to get burned. The pimple will disappear, in its place will be a small spot of iodine, but it’s better than a pimple, right?

The Proven Way to Stop Under Skin Acne

One of the best and the fastest ways of under skin pimple removal is ozone therapy. This method allows not only to significantly reduce the time of treatment, but also to avoid such unpleasant consequences as scars and blemishes from acne. However, the first step is to remove the causes of inflammation.

The Proven Way to Stop Under Skin Acne

Due to its properties, ozone can very well protect from germs, and only one ozone-oxygen injection can reduce the pointing of under skin pimples to several hours. This saves a lot of time and helps to completely cure acne.

In addition to the above, ozone helps to reduce inflammation and redness of a pimple, making it not so painful, and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin allowing to quickly restore the skin after pimple removal. Due to ozone, pimples are cured quickly and leave no scars.

Ozone therapy is not the only effective way to treat under the skin acne. There are many other effective treatments, such as ELOS therapy. A variety of special creams also give a great help. Despite the popularity and effectiveness of acne treatment in beauty salons not everyone can afford it, so the most appropriate acne treatment option is to visit a doctor and to resort to popular medicine.

Treatment of Under Skin Acne at Home and with the Help of the Doctor

The doctor will certainly recommend to all women pay attention to the cosmetics they use, in particular to face powders and foundations, as they clog the pores, and are the reason for sebaceous glands disfunctions. Therefore if you apply much cosmetics, to reduce pimples you will need to carefully clean your skin.

Treatment of Under Skin Acne at Home and with the Help of the Doctor

The second part of the treatment will be the diet with main focus on fruits and vegetables.

The main recommendation is to wait until the pimple points by itself. After that it you shouldn’t pop it yourself, it is better to see a doctor. The specialist will professionally remove pimples, and after it there will be no scars, red spots, or any other complications.

When you choose the option how to get rid of under the skin pimples, avoid taking any antibiotics unless they are prescribed by your doctor. It is better to focus on herbal tinctures (sage, chamomile, peppermint, calendula). Wipe the face with these tinctures, or make ice cubes out of them. It will be much more useful and far less dangerous.

Several Solutions to Stop Under Skin Acne

  • If you saw pimples appearing, for example, under the skin of your face – do not waste time. Do not wait, it is better to resort to proven traditional remedies, such as aloe vera (read more about all the ways to use this great plant in this article). One of the option is to cut the aloe leaf and to apply its pulp on acne. Leave it overnight after fixing it with plaster. Several such applications will allow you to safely clean your skin.
  • To normalize your metabolism and cleanse your body of any toxins, drink nettles infusion. If you drink it for a month, the skin will be clean of any rash.
  • Take bathes with sea salt, and try not to wear underwear and clothes made of synthetic tissues. Your skin should breathe, and it can only breathe in contact with natural tissues. Outdoor activities and walks are also useful both for your skin and for your body overall.
  • Prepare a lotion of boiled water and lemon juice and wipe your skin after each washing it.
  • Try to apply on your skin tea tree oil mixed with water every four hours. It will dry your skin, and will contribute to the removal of inflammation. If the pimple is very large and painful, apply some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory on it and leave overnight. The effect of it will not be long in coming. But do not forget to consult with your doctor first.
  • Another amazing tradition remedy is a mask made of natural ingredients. There is a huge variety of recipes, you can choose the one that is the best for you and your skin. For example, you can make a mask of white cosmetic clay, of raw grated potato, of talc powder, of sodium, of any adsorbent and even aspirin! If the mask includes water, you can substitute it with any herbal decoction – it will make your skin look more healthy. And fell free to add some essential oils, such as mint, pine or the abovementioned tea tree oil – their useful properties are well-known.

The Most Important Rule to Follow for Those Who Don’t Want Pimples

The key rule is to strictly follow personal hygiene. It is necessary to care for your skin, to clean it carefully, even if you do not use makeup. Those who have oily skin are to be particularly careful, as they are the group at risk and are very vulnerable to the occurrence of under the skin pimples. Skin sebum formed during the day easily clogs the pores, and then the skin problems will come.

Get your personal towel. Do not sleep on feather pillows, as feather is a favorite living place of various harmful germs. Your pillowcases should always be clean and fresh. The same can be said about your clothes.

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